Ada County

Photo courtesy of Justice Wayne Kidwell, Idaho Supreme Court, Retired

Court Administration

Court Administration

The Administrative Office of the Court- located at the Ada County Courthouse, room 4171- consists of one trial court administrator (TCA), one assistant TCA, one administrative assistant, and three administrative secretaries. The TCA is appointed by the Administrative Director of the Idaho courts and the Administrative District Judge of the Fourth Judicial District.

Larry Reiner, Trial Ct. Admin.
Larry D. Reiner
Trial Court Administrator

The TCA's office oversees all administrative responsibilities of the Fourth Judicial District, including Court Reporting, Drug Court, Family Court Services, Guardianship Monitoring, Interpreter Services, Jury Services, Marshal Services, Mental Health Court, Small Claims Mediation, and Transcripts within Ada County. The TCA is also responsible for personnel administration, facilities management, and technology planning and implementation. It is the administrator's role to facilitate administrative functions within the district and to develop and carry out policies that enhance court system performance.

The TCA also ensures that the multitude of court departments function effectively as a team. In addition, the TCA must effectively balance any need arising out of non-court-related departments within the courthouse, including efforts with county staff relating to contractors and vendors working on any courthouse project. The TCA also serves as a liaison with city, state, and federal agencies as well as the media and general public.


Larry D. Reiner Trial Court Administrator (208)287-7500
Sandra Barrios Asst. Trial Court Administrator (208)287-7500
Lucy Dansereau Office Administrator (208)287-7500
Jeniffer Rae Administrative Specialist (208)287-7500
Santiago Barrios Administrative Specialist (208)287-7500
Cheryl EauClaire Administrative Specialist (208)287-7500
Marreen Baker-Burton Drug Court Coordinator (208)287-7660
Vanesa Bell Interpreter (208)287-7686
Dana Ho Chief of Security (208)287-7160
Cheryl Hoff Jury Commissioner (208)287-7570
Laura Kiehl Mental Health Court Coordinator (208)287-7507
Renee Morse Family Court Administrator (208)287-7600
Pamela Bourne Transcript Coordinator (208)287-7512
Carol Rodriguez Small Claims Mediation Coordinator (208)287-7683
Dawn Wickham Guardianship Monitoring Program Coordinator (208)287-7652
Rebecca Kulaga DV Court Coordinator (208)287-7605