Valley County

Photo Courtesy of Mike Huston

Valley County

Established on February 26, 1917, with its county seat at Cascade, Valley County was one of the last of Idaho's counties to be formed and is the fifth largest county in Idaho. At that time, it had an economic base of lumbering, mining, and ranching. In the last few years, recreation and tourism have increased rapidly and have also become economically important industries.

Valley County Courthouse

Area: 3,678 sq. miles
Population: 8,099
County Seat/Courthouse: Cascade
Location: 219 North Main St., Cascade (Map and Directions)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1350, Cascade, ID 83611-1350

Magistrate Annex: McCall (Map and Directions)
Address: 550 Deinhard Lane, McCall, ID 83638

Telephone Numbers:

  • District Judge/Calendar Clerk:
    Hon. Jason Scott/Candice
    Telephone: (208)382-7176
    Fax: (208)382-7184

  • Magistrate Judge/Calendar Clerk
    Hon. Lamont Berecz
    Telephone: (208)382-7178
    Fax: (208)382-7184

  • McCall Magistrate Annex:
    Misdemeanor Probation

    Telephone: (208)634-8102
    Fax: (208)634-4040

  • Juvenile Calendar Clerk:
    Telephone: (208)382-7178
    Fax: (208)382-7184

  • Clerk of the District Court:
    Doug Miller
    Telephone: (208)382-7100
    Fax: (208)382-7107
    Court Office: (208)382-7178
    Fax: (208)382-7184

  • Valley County Prosecuting Attorney:
    Carol Brockmann
    Telephone: (208)382-7120

  • McCall Prosecuting Attorney:
    Paul Fitzer
    Telephone: (208)382-7120

  • Valley County Public Defender:
    Scott Erekson
    Telephone: (208)634-7118
    Fax: (208)634-5880

  • Sheriff:
    Patti Bolen
    Telephone: (208)382-7150
    Fax: (208)382-7170

  • Cascade Chief of Police:
    Randy Freeman
    Telephone: (208)382-4123
    Fax: (208)382-3135

  • McCall Chief of Police:
    Justin Williams
    Telephone: (208)634-7144
    Fax: (208)634-7983